Professional Dispatch Management's slogan is "Why train your Dispatchers--Because you can't afford not to." So in an effort to assist agencies who cannot send more than two dispatchers at one time to training because of funding, PDM also offers a hosting program that allows agenices to earn free slots, simply by agreeing to host a class in their area.

For hosting any PDM Course, an agency can receive two or more free slots, with no financial obligation for hosting. Classes can be tailored to meet the agency's need


  • Choose the type of course
  • Provide comfortable classroom setting equipped with appropriate audio/visual equipment
  • Provide refreshments-example: water, snacks, pastries
  • Assist in promoting the class at your agency

You will recieve 2 free slots for hosting a class with Professional Dispatch Management.
Professional Dispatch Management will provide nametags, certificates, manuals, confirmation of training and invoices. Courses can be 1 day or 2 days without certification. We also offer free gifts of designer t-shirts, caps and coffee mugs to all class participate.

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